cordyremote control process disease alemi 4 months
cv-keyboardarduino code for a DIY MIDI controller alemi 5 months
dashboardmy custom data collector and visualization board alemi 19 months
fedicharterfediverse crawler framework and explorer service alemi 8 months
fedimutsmall tool to keep a list of mutuals on the fediverse alemi 3 months
ghnotifya desktop service polling for github notifications alemi 11 months
gitshellsimple git-shell-commands to interact with git over ssh alemi 3 months
gittsa terminal git stats plotter, to show contributions over time alemi 4 months
guestbook.rsan easy to deploy and customizable guestbook for your site alemi 2 weeks
harvard-androidsimple android app showing random harvard sentences alemi 13 months
http-debuggersimple webserver echoing http metadata as json alemi 20 months
jrdjson resource descriptor, as specified by alemi 3 months
mastobota simple Mastodon bot example, answering with facts alemi 19 months
memo-climinimal cli tool to help with remembering things alemi 18 months
moodno-dependency cgi app to share my volatile mood :3 alemi 6 months
mumble-stats-apisimple http api to query mumble servers alemi 13 days background notifications daemon alemi 13 days
pc-monitoran hardware monitor for PC stats, powered by arduino and rust alemi 21 months
postwomanAPI tester and debugger for your CLI alemi 8 months
poxinfection framework for processes alemi 3 months
scope-tuian oscilloscope/spectroscope/vectorscope for your terminal, powered by pulseaudi... alemi 5 weeks
server-monitorsimple webserver exposing system load informations alemi 6 months
tcitiny custom CI runner for your selfhosted just-git repositories alemi 5 weeks
upubmicro social network, federated alemi 8 hours
aoc2023advent of code 2023, let's see how many i can do alemi 6 months
aiocraftasyncio-driven headless client library for block game alemi 4 months
bscvnext generation block game utility client ftbsc 4 months
treepuncheran hackable headless minecraft client, built with aiocraft alemi 4 months
yggdrasilreimplementation of minecraft legacy auth server alemi 7 months
neo-tree-symbolmapcustom source for NeoTree to display workspace symbols alemi 14 months
peak.nvima warm colorscheme with blue and red tones, to keep you cozy at night alemi 12 days
tinker.nvima simple but complete neovim config for those who cannot stop tinkering alemi 12 days
vim-comboa combo tracker for (neo)vim, completely written in lua or vimscript alemi 23 months
abottelegram (user)bot framework alemi 3 months
abot/debugtooldebug commands to interact with server and instance user alemi 3 months
abot/moderationpurge commands to mass delete or surgically trim messages alemi 21 months
abot/spotyrobota media player for calls, with controls alemi 2 years
abot/statsbotan aBot plugin to track and display statistics over telegram groups alemi 3 months
telegithooka github webhook telegram bot, inspired from discord's alemi 3 years
androidbarebones template Android app without android-studio alemi 7 months
csstiny css framework for dark, minimal and cute sites alemi 6 days
rustbarebones template Rust application alemi 4 months
aioappsrvsimple and asynchronous matrix appservice framework alemi 2 months
cgita hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C Jason A. Donenfeld 11 days
netplanDeclarative network configuration for various backends canonical 3 weeks
pyrogramelegant, modern and asynchronous Telegram MTProto API framework Dan 13 months
ratatuirust library that's all about cooking up terminal user interfaces (TUIs) ratatui-org2 days
sdrppcross-platform sdr software AlexandreRouma 4 days
akkomamagically expressive social media FloatingGhost 4 hours
gitthe core git plumbing Junio C Hamano 22 hours
librespotopen source spotify client library librespot-org25 hours
magnetarA social networking server anyone can self-host Natty 3 weeks
mitraFederated micro-blogging platform silverpill 27 hours
neovimvim-fork focused on extensibility and usability neovim20 min.
radare2UNIX-like reverse engineering framework and command-line toolset pancake 65 min.
snac2A simple, minimalistic ActivityPub instance written in portable C grunfink 3 days