BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devchore(apb): improved iterator impl for Node zaaarf24 hours
tcifeat: multi-join maybe? fix inbox not embedding obj alemi5 weeks
v0.2.0commit 938d219d7d... alemi2 weeks
v0.1.0commit b5867b90ac... alemi6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
24 hourschore(apb): improved iterator impl for NodeHEADdev zaaarf-9/+14
40 hoursfix: oops remove special code for endpoints alemi-9/+2
2 daysfeat: parse and serve shared_inbox endpoint alemi-7/+14
2 daysfeat(apb): actor endpoints type (extends Object) alemi-3/+57
3 daysfix(web): enable litepub feature to show reacts alemi-2/+2
4 daysdocs: fix contacts url alemi-1/+1
4 daysdocs: mention both moonlit.technology and github alemi-1/+5
4 daysdocs: update frontend pic alemi-1/+1
4 daysfeat(web): nicer register page (but still broken) alemi-38/+67
4 daysfix: register cli command alemi-10/+3